Hard to find Bookbinding/Finishing Equipment
Highlighting semi production gilding machine

Used Production Gilding Machine.
This is a Swiss designed machine of highest quality. Do not be fooled by high production or cheaper made imitation machines.
All parts available in USA and any supplies, ie foil, sizing, sanding belts, etc.

The Oschner company sells these from Switzerland. See specs of the M + B gilding machine on their website.
For high quality there needs to be a two step process:
Two machines that stay in one cart that clamps the books.

First the books are put in clamps, then set into the cart.
The cart is drawn automatically into the sanding unit. Our unit has
two built in sanding belts for different grits.

close up of two sanding heads

Then cart is moved to hot roller that automatically
draws cart into the machine, where foil is applied.

Example of silver foil book block.

Beautiful finished product.

Our price is $75,000 but we are taking bids.........joel@bookbind.net

Machines are up and running and we can train an operator. All electrics are for USA wiring.
This video is of Oschner machine without guards, ours has guards and double sanding head.

This video is similar to ours except our hot roller is stationary and cart rolls has it does with the sanding unit.
You will need at least 10 feet (6 for sander and 4 for gilder) wide by 6 feet deep area to have both machines, side by side.
Also allow area to store carts and a bench for set up.

Reece Case Making Machine
Makes turned edge leather covers with round corners.

$5500.........joel@bookbind.net 608-774-3982
Watch the video.......